Professional dental treatment within easy reach

What can you do if you have some annoying dental problems, and would like to have your teeth treated by highly trained professionals, however, it is also a crucial point to you not to go on a spending spree and leave a fortune in the dental clinic? Are there any dental services near Dublin that can provide you with the previously mentioned benefits? Or you have to travel thousands of miles for instance to Hungary if you want to get a good service for a reasonable amount of money? The answer to these questions is definitely and fortunately: no, you don’t even need to leave Dublin. We are happy to inform you that La Porta Dental Clinic opened in 2013 provide you with all the dental treatments you need. The professional dentists and friendly staff will find you the best solution to your problem and you will surely be delighted when you leave the dental centre. You can check the available services and the contact data of the Clinic at their website: In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Clinic via e-mail: or phone: 085 777 58 57.