Budapest – the spa capital

With its over 400 hot springs Hungary is a world leader in medicinal spa vacationing. Budapest is often called the „Spa Capital” because it is the only capital city in the world with real hot springs inside the city boundaries.

Gellért Spa

The Gellért SPA is the most famous among the thermal baths of Budapest It was built in 1918 in art nouveau style. It offers a thermal bath, a swimming pool and an open-air section.

Szechenyi Baths

This was the first 19th century thermal bath in Budapest. The medicinal bath was built in 1913 and the northern wing was added in 1927. Today it is one of the largest public baths in Europe.

Kiraly Baths

These public baths date back to 1563 and were built during the Ottoman era. Turkish soldiers would rejuvenate and ready themselves for battle by bathing here.

Rudas Baths

Rudas Bath is one of Budapest’s thermal baths located at the foot of Gellert Hill. It is centered on a Turkish bath dating back to the 16th century and constructed during the Turkish occupation. The waters are recommended as a treatment for reumatic problems.

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